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we have an in-depth special, benghazi, white house coverup? you can see it at 10:00 p.m. saturday and 9:00 p.m. on sunday. thanks for being part of "the real story" all week. now here's john scott in for shepard something i. >> a teenager accused of plotting to kill his family, bomb his school and shoot his classmates. dramatic developments in the benghazi investigation, as house republicans announce they're putting together a select committee to get more answers. sending a subpoena to secretary of state john kerry. plus, a war veteran accused of trying to kidnap two people. >> he literally just snapped. and he came over to me and attack me. >> she says she escaped by intentionally crashing her car. her story is coming up.
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we begin with breaking news from the center's for disease control. it's just announced, the first confirmed case in the united states of a potentially deadly disease called middle eastern respiratory syndrome, or mrs. doctors say it's a virus that causes severe pneumonia and kills a third of the people who get it. the patient is now in quarantine in a hospital in indiana. now the cdc reports it's looking for people who came in contact with him. john roberts has more from atlanta, home of the centers for disease control. john? >> reporter: this is breaking story, and this is a big story as well. this is what everybody worried about. up until now we had not seen middle east respiratory symsyndrome here in the united states but the centers for disease control confirming the first case here in the u.s., raising fears we could see more up until now there had been a number of suspects cases but they've all turn out to be negative in the end. the person who brought the disease back from the middle
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east is a fellow from indiana. he went to the middle east two weeks ago in saudi arabia, where it's believed he pick up the virus. there's been a dramatic explosion in the number of mers cases in saudi arabia. on the 24in' of april he boarded a plane from saudi arabia to london, then caught a connection to o'hare in chicago, and from there he got on a bus and went back home to indiana. british public health authorities are-under generally looking for people on the flying with him from saudi arabia to london, while the center for disease control is looking for people who were on the flying with him from london heathrow away to chicago and then on the bus back home to indiana. what is middle east respiratory syndrome? it's called by the corona virus. a it causes severe respiratory
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illness, fever, cough, shortless of breath. this is the most troubling part. look at this fatility rate. anywhere between 30 and 50% and among some groups it's even higher. it spreads through close contact between people. so far there's no sustained parade human-to-human but haven't been some clusters. here's more about the clusters. >> people who got infected and have either infected very close family members, and then it stop. never win beyond the household. and then in some healthcare settings, this has been situations where a person was infected and then infected the healthcare worker that was taking care of them. >> the big concern in all of this is that with a few small mew takes this is a virus that could become easily transmissible between people because we saw that with sarz coming out of asia. >> if is it easily
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transmissible, how exactly does it spread? >> well, if it's not easily transmissible -- so far it spreads through fairly contact, between people kissing, for example, saliva, if you share a glass or eating utensil or food, if somebody who was infected were to cough into their hand and then you shook hands and touched your nose or mouth. you have to have a fairly large number of virus particles into you're respiratory tract to get sick. but with the way this is exploding now, and there have been more than 140 new cases in saudi arabia in april, more than in the entire past year, centers for defers control folks, folks at the world health organization, very concerned the virus may already be changing. >> because it's a virus, antibiotics are not going to do any good. right? >> that's the thing. you can really only treat the symptoms when it comes to middle east respiratory syndrome. there's no treatment to get rid of the virus and there's no
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vaccine, but you can bet if we see more cases crop up, particularly in the united states there will be a drive on to create some sort of vaccine very quickly. >> if close contact is the way this thing is spread, i imagine they are desperately trying to find everybody else who was on the bus with this guy. >> they are. as we mentioned, on the plane from saudi arabia to london, the plane -- we're trying to get the flying and the number and the date. we believe it was either the 24th or 25th of april, from lon don to chicago, and then on the bus as well. we understand this fella is in a negative pressure isolation tent and healthcare workers who deal with him have to wear protective gear, a go-team from the cdc is on its way there or is already there. >> it's my understanding that many of the cases have involved health professionals who were trying to treat patients who had mers. >> they have. initially middle east respiratory syndrome was taught to be a disease of people who were older and more frail, people who already had existing
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medical conditions, but recently a baby who was months old developed this and died. it's since been seen in children, in people who are in their mid-20s who are otherwise healthy. that's why this is so troubling, john, and now that it has come here to the united states this, raises a big public health alarm. the cdc has been very vigilant in monitoring this. that's why the caught this so quickly. what you have to remember about mers is that while mortality rate has been between 30% and 50% there may be a lot of people who had this and didn't even get sick. so we don't in the entire scope of this yet or exactly how deadly it is. but among people who have become acutely ill, who had these confirmed cases, the mortality rate is troublingly high. >> john roberts with the concerning news that the first mers case is in the united states. first known, anyway. john, thank you. police say a teenager was getting ready to blow up his school and kill as many people as he could, and cops say this wasn't just talk.
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this kid had all the deadly weapons to make it happen. this is in waseca, minnesota, a woman called nine one one after she saw the 17-year-old suspect acting strangely at this storage unit. inside police found a slew of supplies to build pressure cooker bombs. investigators then searched the teen's house and turn up seven guns, three working bombs, along with black clothes and a ski mask. police say the suspect detailed his plans in a journal. they say the teen planned to go murder his mom, his dad, and his sister, before setting off the bombs in his school cafeteria. he also planned to gun down students and kill the school security officer when he tried to help the wounded. police say the teen was just a few weeks away from pulling off the attack. he told the cops he would have shot the officer who caught him if that guy brought a gun to the storage unit where they found
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him. mike tobin is live. police say this thing was on the verge of happening, mike. >> reporter: it's really only by a couple of strokes of luck that's plan did not execute. police say the 17-year-old had spent at least ten months, meticulously planning this attack to, quote, kill as many students as he could he had successfully built bombs, built an arsenal of weapons and loaded the bombs with shrapnel that tear into flesh of victims. it was neighbor8ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ whm acting suspiciously around the storming facility and called the police, and stopped the plot. >> he shut the door and i thought it looked funny because normally you see people come here, opportunity take ten minutes to open up a storage shed. >> police say the pick idolized the killers from the columbine massacre and originally intended to time his attack for the anniversary of the columbine attack. that was april 20th. fell on easter sunday, no one would be in school.
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>> did anybody see signs of trouble? you find that in cases like this. people say, i knew the guy was in bad shape. >> anyone who has spoken publicly had seen no signs at owl. the superintendent of schools said he was a good kid, an honor role student, no history of trouble. wasn't tear my popular but wasn't an outcast. one student identified himself as the suspect's best friend, said this kid needs help. >> the information has been revealed in the case that we have escaped what could have been a horrific experience. we can either believe that this occurred as a result of a lucky break or, is a do, choose to believe that god was looking out for all of us. >> now, the only strange behavior that we know of that he spent a lot of time, according to neighbors, throwing axes and knives at a tree in his yard. he had set off bombs at nearby playground.
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>> let's take this to our area, the former federal prosecutor, anna marie, and criminal defense attorney, heather hansen. he is 17 years old. is this a kid who will be tried as a juvenile or adult court. >> most e most likely juvenile court because it was attachmented. if he had -- because it was attempted. he succeeded in killing anyone it would be taken to adult court. because he didn't kill issue in -- >> buff if it's juvenile court, that's three or now years. >> it depends. he has six counts of the possession of the fireplaces and each of those counts could be up to ten years. depends on the judge, on the way the case goes in. >> an -- seems like thebes witness against the kid is the kid himself, the statements he gave police. >> he gave them the keys to his gun locker. he had put together bombs in this bedroom. he told them also he was -- he had actually exploded a few
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smaller bombs to make sure they were going to work. to make sure his plan would be effective when he did do it, and he had a journal or a become -- a book of his own notes, 180 pains, as to his exact plans what he was going to do and how to carry it out. >> heather, you're the defense attorney here. i you're defending someone like this, don't you say, oh, it was all just a fantasy, he wasn't going to do it? >> that's your best bet in this case, because the insanity defense is very difficult in minnesota. the strictest of all statess'. and it's clear he enough it was wrong because he mentioned it in his journal. you have to say he had no intent to actually go through with that and backed up with the fact he said he planned to do it on the anniversary of columbine and that fell on a sunday and he said he would have shot a policeman but he didn't have a gun so you use that say he never would have gone through with it. >> the planning was apparently
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meticulous. >> as a prosecutor you look at this and say, it's a slam-dunk. when you fine -- that's what you're looking for in your idea cal case as a prosecutor. the evidence, the evidence is in his bedroom, in his hand writing, in his own words, him telling them what he planned to do. how he was going to first kill his parents, then set a fire to distract the officials that come to help, and then good to the school, and then finish off the children who didn't get killed by the explosion by using guns. very devastating case. and it's going to be very hard for the defense to overcome that. >> again, i come back to the fact, all right, he has some guns-built the bombs. apparently, but if everything else is just words, how do they prove intent here? >> he has to have taken positive steps towards doing it, and i agree. the prosecution is going to have a very strong case. the other issue here, though, that may come up, is whether or not he was given appropriate miranda warnings.
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as a child in the past the years the supreme court said how important it us when someone is under age to get the appropriate warnings. here the way the story has come out, that may be something the defense can use. >> is it possible he could walk if he wasn't mirandizeed? >> that would bell -- be a real stretch but you never know. >> for the first time, a public court appearance for the teenager accused of killing a classmate reportedly because she turned him down for the prom. today, word of some unusual behavior from the teen according to his own lawyer. that's coming up next.
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>> breaking news from ukraine. police say 38 people died in a building fire that started during a identifying between pro-russian demonstrators and supporter0s the ukrainian go it happened in odessa on the black. police are not saying exactly how the fire started. a live report in just a few minutes. a 16-year-old accused of stabbing to death his classmate reportedly because she would not go to the prom with him, was inside a connecticut court today. christopher plaskin is charms with murder and he is being tried as adult. the attack happened a week ago, hours before at the prom which the school postponed. this is the victim, maren sanchez. she also was 16. the suspect threw her down stairs, choked her and stabbed her over and over again with a
12:17 pm
kitchen. cops found the suspect in the principal's office, his hands can clothes covered with blood. and he said, i did it. just arrest me. david, what happened in court? >> reporter: what happened today was procedural but what was significant we got our first look at this accused 16-year-old killer. previously he had been charged of a juvenile and proceedings were behind closed doors. now he is being treated as an adult defendant. during the five-minute hearing, he didn't say a word. no visible emotion. later, his lawyer says he is on suicide watch, on medication, and exhibiting signs of psychosis but he is aware of what is happening. >> he certainly understands he is charged with murder, he understands who we are. he understands what our role is and he understands the nature of the fact that this is a criminal procedure. whether he understands the full ramifications, that remains to be seen.
12:18 pm
>> his parents were not in court. they're said to be overwhelmed by the tragedy. an uncle has been appointed guardian. at least he will remain in that position until the next hearing. >> what about a possible motive? anything more on that? >> the prosecutor refused to comment today about reports that he was rejected by sanchez as a prom date, allegedly turned violent. he would only say police are looking into what he termed, i'm quoting now, every angle. seems the entire community of milford connecticut is in mourning. last night hundreds turned out for sanchez's wake at a funeral home. the prosecution feels if this case goes to trial he will get a fair hearing without a change of venue. >> y the internet age where all of you have this all over the united states and in a matter of minutes, in a small state like connecticut, change of venue doesn't amount to a whole heck
12:19 pm
of a lot. >> if convicted over murder he faces 60 years behind bars. he is slated to return to court next month. >> just an awful story. david lee miller. thank you. the latest jobs report shows the unemployment rate dropped significantly last month, but analysts say those numbers do not tell the entire story. context and perspective next. [ dennis ] it's always the same dilemma -- who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach'sot it covered... with allstate renters insurance. [ female announcer ] protect your valuables for as low as $4 a month when you add renters insurance to your allstate auto policy. call 866-906-8500 now.
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the nation's unemployment rate dropped last month to a five and a half year low, according to the labor department. the jobless rate is 6.3%, down from 6.7% in march. according to government data employers added 288,000 jobs in april. that more than economists predicted. and it marks the biggest gain
12:23 pm
since 2012. but the news did not seem to have a major impact on wall street today. a quick look at the dow, 16,524. analysts say one of the biggest reasons the unemployment rate fell so much is because there was a sharp drop in the number of americans looking for work. the we're live at the white house. lowest unemployment rate in more than five years, rich. why are investors not cheering it more? >> they're looking at another low number and that is the labor force participation rate. basically counts the number of americans who either have a job or are looking for a job. that number coming in at 62.8%, the lowest since 1978. so there's plenty in this report, the individual job numbers stacks, sector by sectyear, and the overall growth that investors say is a positive look, professional and business services bringing in 75,000, retail 35,000, construction, 32,000, health care, nearly 20,000, and mining at 10,000
12:24 pm
jobs. >> what are they saying about this at the white house? >> when you talk about the number in the labor force participation rate, the white house says the number is volatile. you can't take one particular month you. have to look for trends and the overall job growth is a positive threatened, though the white house says there could be more done for creating job growth and they pinned it on congress. >> there's plenty more that congress should be doing from raising the minimum wage to creating good construction jobs rebuilding america. >> the response from house speaker john boehner saying, quote, washington can learn a lot from the republican economic solutions working in states like ohio. we need more robust economic growth if we're going to help the millions who remain unemployed, get become on their feet. boehner specifically cites low taxes, balanced budget and education reform, and for now it seems like congress for the most parent important -- most part
12:25 pm
won't tackle most of this until the elections or next year. >> house republicans are creating a special committee to find out the truth that attack that killed four americans in benghazi. live fox coverage coming up from the fox news deck.
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more of today's headlines from the fox news deck. investigators leading the search for the missing malaysia airlines jet insist they're on the right track, but officials from malaysia, china, and australia, are scheduled to meet to discuss their next move, after weeks of searching and no sign of the wreck. many families are refusing to leave the hotel after the airline asked them to go home. >> a subway crashed into another train stopped on the track in seoul and injuring some 200
12:28 pm
people. the train's operator claimed he tried to apply the emergency brake but couldn't stop. >> a rescue this more than more than a fire department diver pulled a woman out of the chicago river. she jumped into the water but didn't explain why. we'll have much more with john scott right after this. i ys say be thman with the plan but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do something. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent that can restore t vels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especlly those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoidt where axirons applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or incased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctorbout all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include
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house republicans say they plan to create a special committee to investigate the attack on the u.s. outpost in benghazi and demanding secretary of state john kerry testify on capitol his this month. g.o.p. lawmakers want to know what the state department waited a year and a half to turn over documents. the democrats called the subpoena a publicity stunt. the white house says the e-mail was about demonstrations across the muslim world, not just the
12:31 pm
benghazi attack. that attack on september 11, 2012, killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens, state department officer sean smith, and two former navy seals, glen dougherty and tyrone woods. today in benghazi a libyan officials say mill taps attacked squatter headquarters killing nine people and wounding two dozen others. catherine her around is live in d.c. first to ed henry live at the white house. >> the bottom line is that administration officials say this is all been investigated before. they think this is politics. by speaker john boehner to appoint this special committee to investigate benghazi some more. boehner says that since this e-mail from ben rhodes was just revealed this week, it suggests to him that maybe the administration has been hiding information, and so he wants to dig in and answer various questiones, including where was the president on the night of the terror attack? this is coming up in part because one of his former aides was on special report here
12:32 pm
last night and said that the president was not in the situation room on that night. that led lindsey graham, and mccain, and another republican senator to rite write a letter to the president: over a year and a half has passed since the terror attack and the american people do not have an accounting of your whereabouts. top administration officials from the state department say they heard all of these tacks, charges from republicans and think it's getting old. listen. >> i am confident that what the republicans allege, that there was some attempt by this administration to cover up or spin what happened, is 100% false. >> now, her boss, john kerry, secretary of state, has now been subpoenaed by republican darryl issa to come before his panel to explain why this e-mail from ben
12:33 pm
rhodes was only released by the state department in recent dayss and why it was not released earlier because of a congressal subpoena that had been outstanding. he secretary is planning on may 21st to be in mexico for a previously scheduled trip. >> ed henry at the white house, thank you. >> team fox coverage continues with catherine herridge live in d.c. what difference would this select committee make? they already have other committees. right? >> that's a good question. a select committee is much like watergate. a formal investigation that brings together members of the house committees who have jurisdiction in this case the house intelligence committee, foreign affairs, armed services, and government oversight. they do a formal deposition-not the-minute question and answer sessions we sauce this week during the tim of retired brigadier general lovell. a select committee covers all juice disks and allows them to have sitting at the same witness stable the former secretary of
12:34 pm
state hillary clinton and former cia director david petraeus, to cross-reference their testimony about the night of the attacks and how the state department and the cia were working together in benghazi. the question today is what was this week's tipping point to call for a select committee, and the speaker's statement hinted very strongly that it was these new documents as ed mentioned, that lead directly into the white house, quote, the administration's withholding of documents, e-mails showing greater white house involvement, in the misleading of the american people, is a fragrant violation of trust and undermines the principles of overslight upon which our system of government is built. we understand fox's recent reporting on a d.c. firm was of great interest to the speaker's office because it showed that many of the key players in the benghazi scandal are now employed by a firm friendly to mrs. clinton, john. >> so what are we hearing from democrats on this?
12:35 pm
>> well, we haven't heard a lot from democrats but the house minority speaker seemed to sum it up, she had not been formally advised be the speaker he would move forward with a select committee. what to watch is how quickly it can get set up logistically. they need to find office space, need to assign staffers, and whether, as more documents are made public, democrats will in effect cross over and support that republican-led committee. >> thank you. the fox news sunday anchor chris wallace is here now from washington, dc. chris, given how much steam this matter has generated since the ben rhodes e-mail came out, does that perhaps go some distance to explain why the white house didn't release it earlier? >> well, yeah. one expects if there were nothing there, they would have released it happily. they clearly didn't want to release this, and now we
12:36 pm
understand why. the significance of this e-mail -- people are wondering -- we follow it intensely. most people go on with their daily lives. it's because the white house has been saying ever since the benghazi attack on september of 2012 that all the speaking points from susan rice when she spoke to me and other sunday talk shows, that those talking points came from the cia, nothing to do with politic0s the fact the president was a month and a half away from his election, hisert to get re-elected. the ben rhodes e-mail brings this directly now into the white house. here's a top white house official, the deputy national security adviser, who was producing his own talking points for susan rice, and despite jay carney's best efforts to say this has nothing to do with benghazi, it has a lot to do with benghazi, there are specific references to benghazi and the attack in the talking points and ben rhodes is
12:37 pm
counseling susan rice to sigh this was just a response to the video and not at all a result of a broader policy failure on the part of the obama administration. that sure sounds like a political spin. >> so tommy voter who used too be the spokesperson for the national security council talked to brett bayer said the president was not in the situation room. why does that matter? if he was in the map room, or the rose garden, why does it matter where the president was? >> well, it doesn't necessarily matter. it's a good question. the president could be in the oval office, could be upstairs in the family quarters and be fully briefed on what is going on, but it is curious that here we are a year and a half later, and when there was a big success, for instance the takedown of osama bin laden, we got a picture and background every step of the way where the president was, this was a tragedy, and very much a black mark for this white house, and
12:38 pm
it is mysterious that a year and a half later we really don't know, and i've asked on fox news sunday, several administration officials, where the president was that night. we know he spoke to the secretary of defense from 4:30 that afternoon and was told about the attack. he spoke to hillary clinton at 10:00 that night. but we don't know anything about what he was doing in between. it is, if anything, just curious. >> we also know that four americans died. the first ambassador killed on the job in 30 years. the president vowed to get to the bottom of it, bring the attackers to justice. since then nothing has been done, but tommy vetter and other white house folks seem to say this is all old news now. >> it is something that others a michigans have done. i remember bill clinton doing this with lewinski and you're seeing it here again with the obama administration, which is to deny things to say there's no news here, to deflect, some would say to stonewall, and then when new information comes out, as it does now only as the result of a court case, a lawsuit, and a court order by a
12:39 pm
watch dog agency here, then they say, wait a minute, this is all old news. it wouldn't have been old news if you told us when we first asked. >> chris will have more on "fox news sunday" and will be talking to adam shift from the house intelligence committee, this sunday. check the tv listing for the time in youraire. >> ukraine goes after pro-russia fiegers and now president obama is threatening more punishment from vladimir putin. a live update from ukraine next. i do a lot oresearch on angie's list before i do any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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nor now on the breaking news involving middle eastern respiratory syndrome. we now know more about the first confirmed case of mers in the united states. john roberts is live in atlanta, home of the centers for disease
12:43 pm
control. john? >> reporter: the headline from the cdc this afternoon, john, middle east respiratory syndrome, mers, is in the heartland. they're keeping a close hold on the information, the name of the patient and where he is. the health care worker, an mesh who had been working in riyadh, saudi arabia, flew back through london, to chicago, then a bus from chicago to indiana, on the 24th of april. the felt symptoms by the 27th 27th and on the 28th was in the hospital, in stable condition, on oxygen support but doing all right otherwise. cdc is working with homeland security to identify people on the flight with him from london to chicago. british officials are taking care of the first leg of the flying. they're not identifying what airline or flying. at moment they think they have it under control. this explosion of cases in saudi arabia troubling. cdc did typing on new virus.
12:44 pm
have not seen any mutations that would make it easeie transmissible from person to person and that's good news. >> president obama and german chancellor angela merkel say they're ready to slap russia with new punishment if it disrupts ukraine's elections this month. the two leaders spoke after meeting at the white house. >> we have said we would apply costs and consequences to the russians if they continued with their actions, and that is exactly what we have done. >> i hope that russia will live up better in the future to its responsibilities, but we need to see deeds matching their words. >> we are witnessing a huge turning opinion in the conflict in eastern ukraine. ukraine launched its first major assault on pro-russian militants in one one of a dozen cities where they seeded government buildings. militants shot down two helicopters, one with a surface
12:45 pm
to air missile. two crew members died and ukrainian troops killed, quote, many militants and took control of all the checkpoints outside the city. a spokesperson for russian president vladimir putin says the offensive was effectively destroyed, and it has effectively destroyed the last hope for an international peace agreement. of course, the pro-russia forces have not held up their end of the bargain to give back the buildings they seized. the u.n. security council today called an emergency meeting on the crisis which has now spread hundreds of miles away from russia's border. lee land visit -- leland vitter is live in ukraine. >> the latest acts of violence now really proves the ukrainian government's policy of containment has not worked in order to try to get handle on this separatist movement. want to show you a map. the latest clashes that ended up with dozens of people dead in a fire happened in the town of odessa, on the black sea there. a long away, also a key
12:46 pm
ukrainian port city the. that the government relies on heavily large-scale clashes in the street there today. on friday, running street battles between the pro-ukrainian group and the pro-russian separatist group that happened just a couple ours after the ukrainian military launched a major assault on the separatist stronghold. they were able to move armored personnel carriers in and take over a couple of checkpoints but fizzled by evening. the question going forward is what is russia going to do. they came out swinging diplomatically. what do they do with 40,000 troops on the ukrainian border, just waiting the order to invade. >> let's bring in michael sing, managing director of washington institute. special assist stab to condoleezza rice and colin paul. 40,000 troops on the border. how dangerous is the situation? >> it's very dangerous situation. i think that russia's involvement in what is happening
12:47 pm
in eastern ukraine is quite clear. they're following the same script they followed in the crimea in many ways. what really isn't clear, john, is exactly what putin intends to do in eastern ukraine. does he intend, to as russian officials threatened, send in russian troops under the guise of peacekeeping as in georgia in 20080, just an effort to sort of destabilize eastern ukraine in advance of ukraine's may 25th 25th presidential election, to stop those elections from happening, and really establish de facto russian control over the territories. >> well, those territories, vladimir putin says he is just trying to protect the russian speakers there. what do you know about the feelings of then people who lived there? do i they want to be part of russia snuck use putin says he is trying to protect russian speakers but maybe in a more p.o.w. it tick moment he says thesees russian territories. the people don't feel that way. polling by both the international republican
12:48 pm
institute and there was another poll which came out today, i think, suggest that majorities in all of these places do not favor annexation by russia. they have their skepticism about the government in kiev but want to remain in ukraine. perhaps under a reform constitution. so russia is not acting at the behest of the people on the ground. >> chancellor merkel and president obama said today there's a possibility of new sanctions against russia. it that the best leverage we have at this point? >> well, i think our policy has to be multipronged. they did talk about new sanctions. they said they could be sectoral sanctions about not much specificity and that's because still the u.s. and the eu are not on the same pain because the iu has a lot more to lose than the united states does from the broad sanctions. but of course, we have to go beyond nat and have to also bolster nato, and we have taken some initial steps. we have to bolster the ukrainian government. you see the imf approve
12:49 pm
$17 billion for ukraine recently. and we have to take a variety of other steps aimed at bolstering kiev and deterring russia. the problem is that what is happening on the ground is happening quickly and at the diplomatic process is happening quite slowly. >> michael, thank you. >> thank you, john. >> an iraq war veteran charged with kidnapping two women is bind hards. one is telling the story how she managed to escape. we'll hear her next.
12:50 pm
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a teenager in california iraq war veteranshe might die kidnapped from her driveway. asked the man if he was going to kill her, before she made a
12:53 pm
daring escape. cops say the 23-year-old kenneth middlebrook abducted two women on sunday. first they say he approached a 19-year-old woman at her home and convinced her to drive him to -- in his own car to his father's home less than ten miles away in the city of mountain view. she said he claim he had a suspended license and things seemed to be going normally until he arrived at his destination and his father wasn't there. >> i was trying to reason with him, calm him down help just snapped out of nowhere, he snapped, and he came over to me and attacked me, and i just -- so then i guess heeven say anything, just let me drive. he is like, drive the car! >> she says she kept driving and then intentionally crashed the car into another vehicle and she jumped out and asked the other driver for help. cops say the suspect sped off, ditched the car, then broke into another woman's home and
12:54 pm
kidnapped her. what happened to the second victim, trace? >> she is a 61-year-old woman. and police say that kenneth middlebrook broke into their home and then forced her to drive him around for several hours. at one point they apparently pulled into a parking lot, middlebrook got out and told her to stay there, but she didn't. she took off, notified police, and he was arrested shortly thereafter. now, the second woman did not want to talk about her experience, but the first victim says that middlebrook tried to convince her what a good guy he was. listen to her. >> he kept showing me these of, i'm from the army, i'm this and that, i'm like, he said i'm a safe guy, and i said, you're not going to kill me, right? and he was like, no, of course not. he said i'm the type of guy that will take his jacket off and lay it on the floor. i was like, okay. >> police say middlebrook did not know either of his alleged victims.
12:55 pm
>> middle brooke's father says his son needs help? >> the father says his soon actually called him and said he wanted to kill himself. the father was out of town so he told his son to get in the car and drive to the va hospital but the son said he could not because his license was suspended. now, the father says his son suffered a brain injury while serving in iraq and he also witnessed some horrifying things. he says his son does not need to be in jail, he needs psychological help. here's the dad. >> the horrors my son went through in iraq, these guys are coming back and they're deeply, deeply emotionally traumatized, psychologically traumatized. >> ken net -- middle brooke is being held on $300,000 bond. >> we'll be right back. ♪ with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced.
12:56 pm
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>> look who is out and about in memphis. they were spotted entering a barbecue joint last night. they're in up to for a friend's wedding. >> and on this day in 1939, new york yankee slugger lou gehrig benched himself, ending his streak of most consecutive games played in the major leagues. he first stepped on the field in 1925. for 13 years he did not miss a single game, but later big lou started showing symptoms of als. he found it hard to play and ultimately pulled him from the lineup at 2,130 games. a record that would stand for decades. cal ripken, jr. eventually would break it but gehrig's report ended that day now. als is known at lou gehrig's disease but the iron host --
1:00 pm
iron host sat out for good on this day. have yourself a great weekend everybody. [bell ringing] >> is the shift about to hit the fan? because that employer healthcare plan you currently enjoy could be gone before you know it. welcome everyone. i'm nor neil cavuto. this is "your world." if a new report is right, get ready to kiss the employer healthcare plan goodbye. a report just out suggesting that by the end of the decade, 90% of workers could lose the health insurance as u.s. companies shift to the government-run exchanges. is this what the president wanted all along? >> i happen to be a proponent of the single pair univ

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